Artist of the Week: F(x)

Yes here’s a new part of this site. Artist of the week. Every Friday, we will show you KPOP and JPOP artist. So that you can get to know them better.

This week’s artist of the week is none other than F(x).

F(x) is a group under SM Entertainment. The same agency with famous groups such as SNSD and Super Junior.

From the picture above, the members are the following: (from left to right) Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, and Luna.

They debuted last year with the single LA Cha ta which was released digitally. To anticipate the debut of the group. SM released teaser for 5 days for each member until the debut of the group.

A month later. F(x) released the EP Chu~♡ which consists of 3 songs. The group grew even popular with the release of Chu~ which shows more of the cute side of the group.


After 6 months of hiatus. The group returned with yet another EP. NU ABO was released on May 4th of this year. The mini album topped online charts such as Monkey3, Dosirak, and Bugs. With the success of their new mini album, the group proved their dominance with other artist.

Beside their 3 singles. The group also promoted LG’s Chocolate line of cellphones alongside sister group SNSD with a song and an MV entitled “Chocolate Love”

F(x) is currently preparing for their new single/album. The members are doing their solo activities and member Amber is on break from an ankle injury a few months back.

New Super Junior MV RELEASED!!!


Almost 6 days after the MV teaser was released, the new MV is released.  Enjoy the freshly released MV straight from SM Ent’s Youtube Channel.

The single is titled BONAMANA, by the way 🙂

You could probably expect this to be performed on Music Bank this week (May 14, to be exact)


TV5 Likes Mocking KPOP!

Apparently that’s the case. I know that the guys from TV5 (AKA The Kapatid Network) are just having fun when they do things like this

But it’s no fun for me at all. I mean if you’re a Filipino you’ll find this amusing. But if you’re a Filipino and have been intact with the Korean (and Japanese in my case) Culture. You’ll find this offending.

There are tons more of same vids that they made like these ones

What they are doing is misunderstanding the lyrics of songs. It’s funny if you don’t know Hangul at all but if you do now it’s offending and it pisses me off.

They not only made fun of the video but also the song. I mean Hangul is the main language for Koreans. It’s part of their culture. But what TV5 is trying to do is like mocking them. It’s no fun at all. Maybe they are laughing but I’m not, I got offended with this. They should really stop making these kind of videos. It’s not really funny. It’s offending and it’s pointless.

They should really think of something else to make fun of. Just not this. It’s like giving a shout out to them that their music sucks. I don’t think TV5 has even the rights to the songs. But there they are making fun of them.

How about putting it like this. The Koreans make fun of our language? Will that be funny or offending?

TV5 is just a growing company right now. They still have a lot to go. And if they wanna go far, they have to stop doing this. If let’s say SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment learns about this. They could get a lawsuit for it. And that could cause the downfall of a new network.

So a shoutout to the guys on TV5. Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

SNSD/Girl’s Generation – Oh! Practice


SNSD’s “Oh!” is sweeping the charts these days ever since its release.  From the catchy tune and dance it really is something worth keeping in your iPod (like I do).

Here is another look on their dance.  Straight from behind the scenes.  I think this is on of their dressed rehearsals.  Still charming I must say 🙂

Enjoy, どうぞ

SNSD is on fire this Lunar New Year

Yes! You’re favorite 9 girl group wins yet again another K-chart no.1

The girls performed their hit song “Oh!” on Valentines day at Popular Song

Award and Encore

Now if you are wondering why Sunny. Well this one is prerecorded due to all the festivities that happened within the week.

Hope to see more wins for the girls!

Thanks to bwmow4 for the video