[PV] C-ute Shigatsu Sengen

Today, C-ute’s PV Shigatsu Sengen was released in promotion with their soon to be released album Shocking 5.

Even though the PV looks so Low Budget. I still like this song better than Shock! Because at least in this one, the line were distributed evenly with at least everyone getting a solo line twice I think. I love the chorus of this song, it has that really deep feeling to it

Nakky should keep on sporting that hair. It looks cute on her. Mai should stop sporting that hair, it doesn’t fit her really I don’t like it that way. And in the stair scenes, It’s so unfair for Chisa to look so small. She should be in Mai’s place since she’s the smallest.

C-ute Shocking 5 Album CM

Here’s a 15 second preview of C-ute’s upcoming album Shocking 5

And a bonus preview of Shigatsu Sengen