Black Soshi released Run Devil Run!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this. After teasing us with their new concept photos and a teaser MV, the girls finally released their new single Run Devil Run.

I miss Oh! But this one is definitely better! It kinda reminds me of Chocolate Love (a little bit). The Chorus is something to die for, it definitely leaves a mark in your head.

Now according to KBS Music Bank’s Twitter account, they confirmed that the 9 girls will debut their new concept and song at this week’s Music Bank! So Stay Tuned! Yeah that made me a whole lot excited!

Better Run!

“Black Soshi” teaser released!

Throw out those pom poms and cheer leading outfits and welcome “Black Soshi”. Yes! After saying goodbye last week with their cute and colorful single “Oh!”. The 9 ladies are back with a brand new concepts. Much like that of T-ara and Kara, the girls threw their cute image and turned it into dark and sexy which has been taking over the KPOP world very quickly.

The girls will debut their new single Run tomorrow March 17 and a Music Video will be released very soon.

Stay Tuned for more news!