I miss the old Musume

Do you remember this old Morning Musume concert

Well personally I don’t. Morning Musume and Hello! Project hasn’t been born yet in my heart by the time this concert was released.

But as a fan, I have watched almost all Morning Musume concerts (except for the first few which I never got to see because I don’t know where)

Well I consider that concert as one of the classic Morning Musume concerts. I consider this concert as the end of Morning Musume’s popularity because after this one, they just got declining sales in almost everything (well except for the girls Photobooks). It is also the end because this was the last Morning Musume concert for Aibon and Nono. They left after Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari and created the lovely group W.

The song has also a significance to the end of Morning Musume’s reign as Japan’s number 1 girl group. Koko ni Iruzee was the last time Morning Musume had a first week sales of more than 100,000. Now they are lucky if they get 50,000 in their first week sales. In fact, the last time the girls had a final sales of 100,000 plus was at the time Shabondama was released.

My question is why can’t the girls be like those girls 6 years ago. 4 girls from that concert are still with Morning Musume (but Majority is out) can’t they bring that popularity now?

I still Love Morning Musume but Tsunku needs to get moving and make the girls famous or else some GROUP might take their place.

Oh you know what I’m talking I’m about them

Yes these girls are beating Morning Musume. Since the release of 10nen Zakura, they never had a final sales that is under 100,000.

River was released around the same time as Kimagure Princess

River got 178,759

Kimagure got 36,274

Kimagure Princess didn’t even reached half of River’s first week sales.

AKB48 got invited at last years Kohaku Uta Gassen, H!P doesn’t even have one representative. AKB48 won Asian Recommended Award at MAMA.

And where is Morning Musume.

What happened to the 1,646,630? gone with the wind.

Has Morning Musume lost its sparks.

Personally I think no. Morning Musume still can reach number 1 at Oricon. Morning Musume can still be in the top 10 in most charts.

The problem is not them. It’s that DAMN Tsunku’s fault for the girls declining sales.


Let’s face it old man. You cannot write as good lyrics as you did with Love Machine. People rusts too. It’s time for you to find a new composer for the girls.

I promise you, If you find a new one that can compose not good but EXCELLENT music. The girls will be back at their own position.