C-ute “Dance de Bakoon” – PV Preview

The preview for C-ute’s 13th single entitled “Dance de Bakoon” has been released.

The PV features C-ute dancing on a disco like stage/platform. Couple with a lot of effects and that old school microphone.

Overall, this isn’t the best PV C-ute has ever had. It’s one of the worst actually in my opinion. But the song is something to like. Much like with their last single. I am actually eager to see the whole PV.

Well anyway, watch the PV preview of C-ute’s 13th single “Dance de Bakoon”

S/mileage – Yume Miru 15sai PV Preview

Finally! S/mileage’s PV Preview for their upcoming single Yume Miru 15sai is now out. Good thing is that it’s not a 30sec preview. It’s about a minute and a half long which gives us more appreciation for them. The PV is actually good. It’s not anymore childish like the their first four indies singles. Saki has great vocals for her age doesn’t she. I just hope that their first major single would be successful now that their signed with Pony Canyon.