CDTV’s Vote your female artist as sweetheart for V-day poll results

Recently, Count down TV held a poll for male fans on who they want to be their sweetheart for V-day. And now we have the results

*1 持田香織(Every Little Thing)
*2 柏木由紀(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)
*5 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)
*6 前田敦子(AKB48)
*7 水樹奈々
*8 のっち(Perfume)
*9 あ~ちゃん(Perfume)
10 矢島舞美(℃-ute)

11 吉岡聖恵(いきものがかり)
12 西野カナ
13 BoA
14 亀井絵里(モーニング娘。)
15 大塚愛
16 かしゆか(Perfume)
17 川嶋あい
18 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)
19 浜崎あゆみ
20 大島優子(AKB48)

*1 Motida Kaori(Every Little Thing)
*2 Kashiwagi Yuki(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 Takahashi Ai(Morning Musume)
*5 Tanaka Reina(Morning Musume)
*6 Maeda Atsuko(AKB48)
*7 Nana Mizuki
*8 Ayano Omoto(Perfume)
*9 Ayaka Nishiwaki(Perfume)
10 Yajima Maimi(℃-ute)

11 Yoshioka Kiyoue(Ikimono-Gakari)
12 Kana Nishino
13 BoA
14 Kamei Eri(Morning Musume)
15 Ai Otsuka
16 Yuka Kashino(Perfume)
17 Kawashima Ai
18 Michishige Sayumi(Morning Musume)
19 Ayumi Hamasaki
20 Ooshima Masaki(AKB48)

~I’m surprised with the results since it has a lot of AKB48 members. I’m also surprised with Maimi entering the top 10. Maybe she’s that famous to the male wotas. And finally Morning Musume has half of it’s members in it I’m not actually surprised about this since Morining Musume is something to adore. But if I’m gonna make my own results, I’m gonna have Reina in a higher position than Ai

Just saying…

JKPop Montage


JPOP? KPOP? How do they differ?  Both of these genres have their varying share of fan-bases around the world. In truth, I am a fan of both.

What we have here is a video I found around the net.  This aims to give us a comparison of how both genres entertain their fans.  It goes from the MV version to the live version.

I have been watching a few of these and have to say it really is fun and at the same time interesting to watch. Please note though that this is not meant to incite fan-bashing. You will find all the videos included in the run are all very good songs from different JPop and KPop girl groups. I hope you’ll like them too.

I will post some more in the future (especially for boy groups).

Credit goes to the original poster/uploader in Youtube.