JPOP Fandom unleashed!

Before reading this post. Please be aware that the things below will mostly contain Arashi songs. Thanks

So between H!P, JPOP (meaning artists out of H!P), and KPOP. I spent the lesser time lately in JPOP. I haven’t been listening to this for quite some time now. Especially Arashi. I missed them. They are like my all time favorite Boy band in the whole wide world. Better than Big Bang, Shinee, Westlife, and Backstreet Boys.

To start thing of. Here’s Arashi performing their song Subarashiki Sekai live.

This song has been on my head since the start of the week. This triggered my return to JPOP after a few months of Hiatus. I haven’t been listening to a lot of JPOP since the beginning of July this year.

So not many people know about this. But way way back, when Arashi was just starting their 20 #1 singles. There was a plan to release a PV for their song Subarashiki Sekai.

Well it didn’t worked out. JE decided not to release it. I think they favored to release Sakura Sake than Subarashiki Sekai. So the song ended up to be a track in ther ONE album.

Here’s another ballad from Arashi. SIRIUS is one of my favorite ballad songs from Arashi. It’s nice to listen to like most of their ballad songs.

Las one from Arashi. Here’s one of my favorite songs from them. Kitto Daijobu.

Okay so moving on to the non-Arashi artists. Here’s Ai Otsuka with her song, my personal favorite, Daisuki da yo

So good news for Ai Otsuka fans (it’s good for me). She’s finally pregnant with her musician husband from that band that I have no idea who. Yes she’ll be out for quite some time. Her baby is due on April 2011]

Okay so next is not too JPOP but you can consider this as Jpop I guess? So Shoujou Jidai (SNSD) has recently released their song Genie in Japan.

It ranked number 4 on the oricon charts in its first week. Beating out AKB48 sub-group French Kiss who only ranked number 5.

I actually feel good at the same time not for them. I feel good because that means SNSD is a success in Japan like most of the korean groups who promoted in Japan. But I feel sad because if they’re success continue, it will take some time before they return with a new song in Korea. Just like what happened to Big Bang. And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve read somewhere that they will release their next single come October or November. And that song is none other than Gee. Yes the girls will bring the Gee wave to Japan as well.

In some sad news. The Music Hour otherwise known as UTABAN has ended its 14 year run in television yesterday. The finales aired yesterday with a 3 hour special. Memorable artist appeared on the show to say farewell such as SPEED and the old Morning Musume. Ohno Satoshi from Arashi appeared as well on the show.


Well I guess that ends my JPOP fandom rant for this week. Tune in tonight for some KPOP action only here on JKMUSICPH

JKMUSICPH’s Saturday Night Live

Yes it’s another edition of our Saturday Night Live! 5 Live Performances from your favorite J-POP and K-POP Artists.

Let’s start things of with Ai Otsuka with her very first single Sakuranbo

OMG! Everytime I see her perform this, it keeps my spirits up!

Next is Shugo Chara Egg ver. 2 with their song Arigatou Ookiku Kansha

Tanapyon is really cute isn’t she

While we’re at it let’s throw in a bonus clip from Shugo Chara!

Haha! They’re really crazy aren’t they?

Next is C-ute with their 4th Indie Single Wakkyanai Z

I really love this performance because it’s Chisa doing the lead vocals along with Airi! Two of my favorite H!P members!

Next is Berryz Kobo with their single Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

This one has a lot of meaning for me since this was one of the first songs that got me into H!P. Plus Momo’s “Whoa Whoa Yeah Yeah Yeah” is really cute.

And tonight’s Main Event is Sugaya Risako with Suzuki Airi performing Berryz Kobo’s single Very Beauty

And this one. This one is my favorite performance by a H!P Kid ever! I mean Airi and Rii. Two of H!P vocal powerhouse in one song. This has got to be awesome!

And here’s a special performance of Very Beauty this time it’s Momo taking it solo!

Quick Edit:

After clicking ‘Publish’, I saw Berryz Kobo’s Live performance of Rival from the same concert as Momo’s Very Beauty and I just can’t help but post this. Rival to be honest is the one that made me love H!P and everything about it so this song has a lot of meaning to me.

What “AI” Love

Well recently, I got hooked into this JPOP artist by the name of Otsuka Ai.

She’s famous in Japan with a lot of Chart Topping singles. She became famous with her first number 1 single in Japan which is “Sakuranbo” which stayed at Oricon’s top 200 for 101 weeks! Her music ranges from upbeat and catchy like “Sakuranbo” and “Happy Days” to touching ballads like “Daisuki Da Yo”, “Kingyo Hanabi”, “Planetarium” and “Kurage Nagaraboshi”.

Here are some of my favorite Otsuka Ai singles

Told you she was good

CDTV’s Vote your female artist as sweetheart for V-day poll results

Recently, Count down TV held a poll for male fans on who they want to be their sweetheart for V-day. And now we have the results

*1 持田香織(Every Little Thing)
*2 柏木由紀(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)
*5 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)
*6 前田敦子(AKB48)
*7 水樹奈々
*8 のっち(Perfume)
*9 あ~ちゃん(Perfume)
10 矢島舞美(℃-ute)

11 吉岡聖恵(いきものがかり)
12 西野カナ
13 BoA
14 亀井絵里(モーニング娘。)
15 大塚愛
16 かしゆか(Perfume)
17 川嶋あい
18 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)
19 浜崎あゆみ
20 大島優子(AKB48)

*1 Motida Kaori(Every Little Thing)
*2 Kashiwagi Yuki(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 Takahashi Ai(Morning Musume)
*5 Tanaka Reina(Morning Musume)
*6 Maeda Atsuko(AKB48)
*7 Nana Mizuki
*8 Ayano Omoto(Perfume)
*9 Ayaka Nishiwaki(Perfume)
10 Yajima Maimi(℃-ute)

11 Yoshioka Kiyoue(Ikimono-Gakari)
12 Kana Nishino
13 BoA
14 Kamei Eri(Morning Musume)
15 Ai Otsuka
16 Yuka Kashino(Perfume)
17 Kawashima Ai
18 Michishige Sayumi(Morning Musume)
19 Ayumi Hamasaki
20 Ooshima Masaki(AKB48)

~I’m surprised with the results since it has a lot of AKB48 members. I’m also surprised with Maimi entering the top 10. Maybe she’s that famous to the male wotas. And finally Morning Musume has half of it’s members in it I’m not actually surprised about this since Morining Musume is something to adore. But if I’m gonna make my own results, I’m gonna have Reina in a higher position than Ai

Just saying…