Kara’s Lonely MV released

If you’ve bought ‘Lupin’. You know there are other songs besides ‘Lupin’. One of those tracks is Lonely. Which is also used as the OST for the upcoming movie ‘My Mother’. Though it doesn’t feature Kara at all. The MV is sweet and loving that makes me want to watch the movie!

Check it out!

F(x) sings for 100% Charming the More I Look

After singing for Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet. F(x) sings again for another another drama. The girls will sing the title song for MBC’s new sitcom I Love You, I Love You.

The sitcom will replace the recently concluded sitcom High Kick Through the Roof. Featuring the voices of F(x) accompanied by pianist Choi Tae Wan and guitarist Hong Jun Ho. This combination will surely make you fall in love with the song