Saturday Night Live Special: Wonder Girls!!

After being gone for almost a month. SNL is back with a Wonder Girls special for all of you. We will take you back to the girls first single up to their latest one with a special live performances.

We’ll kick things of with their very first single “Irony”

Next is their second single “Ee Babo (This Fool)”

Going back to this times makes me miss the old WG. But they’re mainstream now and I’m just happy as then.

Next is their 3rd single “So Hot”

This was actually the very first song that I’ve listened to from the Wonder Girls. And this made me fell for So Hee instantly (that was before).

Next song is what made Wonder Girls famous. It’s “Nobody”

This is the main reason why the Wonder Girls got so famous. Yes I know Nobody can be very addicting but you can get tired of it eventually.

Yes and obviously next is their latest hit “2 Different Tears”

And to end things is a special live performance of “Saying I Love You”