Super Junior – No Other MV released!

Yes this is what almost every SuJu fans have been waiting for. Super Junior’s follow-up track No Other has been released.

As much as I love the song, the video is something to love as well. The MV is simple yet unique in different ways. It’s fun to watch because it’s so calming to the mind. It’s fun and it reminds you of the old Super Junior back to their single Haengbok

Super Junior release follow up track No Other!

Super Junior’s follow up track to their hit single Bonamana has been released! It is entitled No Other. The song has a different feel from Bonamana because unlike Bonamana which is more of a hiphop thing song, this one is actually on the R&B side. But unlike Bonamana, this song didn’t actuall took time for me to like.

This song along with 3 other tracks namely All my Heart, A Short Journey, and  a remix version of Shake it Up will be included in Super Junior’s Repackaged album.

Watch out cause Super Junior will end their Bonamana promotions this week and are scheduled to begin with No Other soon.!