C-ute Campus Life Umarete Kite Yokatta (Natural Lip Ver.)

(Notice how Maimi’s hair look long in the pic)

I love this version. It’s so cute. If anyone of you are wondering what Natural Lip Version mean, I think it’s them lip-synching to the song. Anyways, it’s totally cute. I love how the Cutie Girls are having fun. Mai holds the Itouch like a microphone. Oh and that outfit makes Mai look younger and at the same time a guy. The punch thingy they made is so cute. Airi’s punch is hilarious. Though I find Nakky and Maimi a little bit like loners because they’re alone especially Nakky. I feel like she’s a little bit too shy at the camera. I love how Chisa points at herself when Airi sang “Suki Suki Suki”.