Suzuki Airi’s Natsuyasumi Preview!

From upfront’s youtube channel.

Suzuki Airi’s 3rd DVD Natsuyasumi’s preview has been released on upfront’s official youtube account.

I have been a fan of Airi ever since the start of my Hello! Project days. This DVD is definitely a must see I guess (along with the PB of course). I know it’s pretty much 2:51 seconds of staring at Airi with C-ute’s The Party playing in the background. But heck this is just the preview and I pretty much enjoy it. Much like the past 2 PB’s, this one is not far from that. It doesn’t show much difference in terms of Airi growing up, etc. But it shows how Airi has gone more prettier the past few years. I also noticed how the yellow bikini matched her so perfectly. It’s as if sweeping away the blue one from last year.

The DVD is due on the 25th while the PB was released today.