F(x) releases Thrill Love MV

Now with SNSD releasing stuffs this week. Fellow SM Entertainment group F(x) won’t be left behind.

F(x) recently released their MV for their new song Thrill Love. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if this will be a single (which I hope won’t) but what’s confirmed is that it will be used as the OST for the new drama Romeo and Juliet

How do you like the song? Personally, I think the song isn’t “F(x)y” and it sound more of a JPOP song for me. But Amber’s rap made the song better IMO

Kara’s Lupin MV Released

After spending much of the past week’s teasing us with teasers. Finally here it comes. Kara‘s MV for their newest single ‘Lupin‘ was released today.

Not failing us fans with this one, this is definitely going to give SNSD a competition this week since the 5 girls are set to comeback at M!NET M! Countdown as well as Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo this week.

It seems that more and more girl groups are turning to that Dark and Sexy Concept