MBLAQ’s 2nd Single MV Teaser

Finally! MBLAQ is up and coming with their 2nd single and would be out at the 18th! XD It has Rain’s influence with all the fighting, shirtless and even black! Yes, black. ^-^

Well, here is the teaser~

Long Song MV Teaser 2 – Rain

The release of Rain’s new album, Back to the Basic, on April 1st. Here is another MV teaser of Rain’s upcoming new MV, Love Song.

o_o nooo, they k-i-s-s-e-d….

But anyway, Rain looks good. 😀

Oh yeah, I dunno if anyone shared this yet but here is Rain dancing MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Various artists in the Korean entertainment industry greeted their fans and everyone a happy lunar new year!




The se-se-se-sexy girls of 4Minute wore their traditional hanbok and their amazingly cute-ish hanboks.
OMO! They’re so adorable~ >///<


MBLAQ presented us with pictures of them in their traditional hanboks and of course a video greeting for everyone.

It’s either you find their pictures really cute or quite er… 😐 But hellz, I find them cute posing hearts above their heads~!

Aren’t they the cutest?
Well, Happy Lunar New Year guys!