MBC’s Music Core and SBS’ Inkigayo canceled this week!

Two of the famous Music Shows in
South Korea will be canceled this week.

Music Core is canceled because of MBC favoring to air a baseball match. We Got Married and Infinity Challenge are also canceled this week

On the other hand

SBS Inkigayo will be canceled this week along with Challenge! 1000 songs and People Searching for Laughter. SBS will cancel all shows with comedy nature due to the tragic sinking of a Korean Naval Ship around the island of Baek Ryung that left 104 Navy soldiers out in the open water. So far only 58 of them has been rescued leaving 46 more in the open water.

Now if you’re asking why Inkigayo got canceled, well it’s not comedy but Inki is like having fun. Which is like opposite of mourning.

No Music core on Lunar New Year’s Eve

That’s right MBC has canceled Music Core for the week because of Lunar New Year’s eve and replaced it with their popular sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof”

So don’t go on searching video streaming sites such as youtube and dailymotion for performances.

I’m not disappointed with this because I feel like the groups need a well rested break. So they’ll be heading out to their families for the Lunar New Year.

So right now, all we’ll be waiting for is Inkigayo tomorrow.

Stay Tuned