It’s been on air for some time now.
The new group from Star Empire Ent, called ZE:A (or abbrev. for Child of Empire)’s first/debut single ZE:A, MAZELTOV.
I think these guys have the potential, but they seemed to have used some foreign language of some sort.  Yeah, them saying “MAZELTOV” on their song is kind of catchy, but it made me think, “What in the world is that word?”

I thought at first that it was a made up word or probably a misused word (like in Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong, they used words like Rocka, Fantastic and Elastic in a kind of “cool” way).

Well it seems that it is a pretty legit word after all.  I searched wiki and got this.

MAZELTOV is in fact a yiddish word or Hebrew word that actually expresses “Congratulations” or お目出度い「おめでたい」 in Japanese (BTW: the meaning of MAZELTOV and OMEDETAI are almost the same in my opinion – both expressing good nature/luck that someone has achieved).

Well, that is a good trivia once in a while.  Here’s a video of one of their live perfs.