SNSD Encore Concert Preview

As you may have known, SNSD held their Encore Concert 2 weeks ago on Seoul. And today on KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Relay episode; they showed previews on the concert itself. The girls performed old favorites like Tell me Your Wish and Gee. They also performed their new song Oh!. The girls each had a solo performance. I particularly LOVE Yuri’s solo performance! See it below! You’ll know What I’m saying

Berryz performs Otakebi Boy Wao on Music

You got to agree with me when I say that this one is an AWESOME performance. The girls really did great in this one. It’s like they are performing on a Live Audience. Risako has some strong vocals which reminded me of a growing up Takahashi Ai. Momo is cute as usual. And the others did great (I had my eye on Captain too).

See it for yourself

Kara’s Bringing Love to the Floor on Music Core

Fresh of a win on Music Bank and M!Net. The 5 ladies from Kara are back on Music Core with their ultra super mega duper hit single “Lupin”.

The girls even though they have a tough schedule never fail to give their fans the same excitement and energy in one performance. And their fans never seem to lose their voice every time they perform because the chants gets louder and louder.

So without further ado, here’s Kara with Lupin