C-ute – Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ Live on West Wind!

OMG! I’m dead! This made my boring day alive! OMG! First live performance of Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. And the single hasn’t been released yet! And the camera is like right in front of the girls! Something we don’t see in their concert DVD’s! But one thing sucked. They cut Airi’s “Suki Suki Suki” part.

Anyway, here’s the live performance of Campus Life! Enjoy!

T-ara wins this week’s Mutizen with I Go Crazy Because of You

After releasing the 3 MV’s for I’m Really Hurt. The fans aren’t yet tired for I Go Crazy Because of You. After capturing M!Net’s number 1 Spot in their countdown and Kara disappointing them 2 days ago on Music Bank. The girls aren’t ready to lose. They came to Inkigayo to WIN.

And surprisingly they win this week’s Mutizen!

Congatulations to T-ara!

With SNSD ending their comeback and ready to compete agains T-ara and Kara. Will T-ara continue on their reign as champions next week? Stay Tuned!

Kara is mine on Inkigayo!

Continuing their promotions this week. Kara is back on Inkigayo to continue stealing the hearts of people. Their “emergency exit dance” is just as hit as their “butt dance” on Mister.

Though they weren’t able to capture this week’s Mutizen. The girls still performed their hit single “Lupin”.

SNSD returns on Inkigayo with Run Devil Run

From cheerers to stealer. The 9 girls turned ladies of SNSD are back on Inkigayo with their smashing hit single “Run Devil Run”

Watch the girls hit the stage again this time on Inkigayo. With the new “dark” concept. The girls surely captivated the hearts of its fans the same way they did with the cute concept.

Now with their comeback done. Will the girls continue their domination on the Music Shows that was postponed after Oh! Tune in next week!

Morning Musume on non-no x BS-TBS Spring Fashion Collection “White Day Special”

So the other day, Morning Musume peformed in non-no x BS-TBS Spring Fashion Collection “White Day Special”. They also did the cat walk while old and new Morning Musume songs was played on the background. To top it all, the girls performed their old hit Renai Revolution 21.

So here’s Morning Musume on non-no x BS-TBS Spring Fashion Collection “White Day Special”. Dozo!

Kara has special stage for today’s Music Core

The girls are almost a month in their promotion for Lupin but still the girls are soaring high!

This week to commemorate their great success. Music Core made a special stage just for them.

Wearing Shinning Shimmering gold outfits, the 5 girls performed their hit single Lupin in front of their loyal fans. Wait they always perform in front of their fans. But this one is different. The fans are just a handshake away. Yah you know what I mean now.

OMG! I envy the fans for this one! I hope I could be there

Kara is awesome aren’t they?

Now with a K-Chart win yesterday. Will the girls be able to snag another win tomorrow at Inkigayo? We’ll find out

Morning Musume – Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai LIVE from Mobekimasu

Now this clip came from the DVD of the Limited Edition release of Morning Musume’s Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai. Together with this in the DVD is the solo close up versions of Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai for each member.

The performance came from H!P’s Winter Concert Mobekimasu.