Wada, Kanon, and Yuuka to form a unit for anime

Yeah! No sht!

I was actually kinda shocked when I heard read this on Hello! Online’s Twitter this Morning since S/mileage is just debuting but here we have another unit by 3 of the 4 S/mileage members.

Their unit is called ‘Lilpuri’ which came from the anime they’ll be singing for.

Here’s the OP of the anime entitled ‘Little Princess’

The song is okay. I mean it’s good for an anime.

Well since the unit is for an anime. The group won’t last that long (unless the anime last like Shugo Chara). This would also be the second time the three girls are in a unit for an anime (first time was Shugo Chara Egg for the anime mentioned above).

Oh yeah and most likely this will have a PV since it has a release date and everything

Released date is set for 6/16