Black Soshi released Run Devil Run!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this. After teasing us with their new concept photos and a teaser MV, the girls finally released their new single Run Devil Run.

I miss Oh! But this one is definitely better! It kinda reminds me of Chocolate Love (a little bit). The Chorus is something to die for, it definitely leaves a mark in your head.

Now according to KBS Music Bank’s Twitter account, they confirmed that the 9 girls will debut their new concept and song at this week’s Music Bank! So Stay Tuned! Yeah that made me a whole lot excited!

Better Run!

OH! @ Music Bank, SNSD’s second win!

Will UPDATE performance cuts

Well, the girls did it again and now at MuBank! I’m definitely happy for them, they totally deserved to win!
I like their clothes and hair in this performance! >v<

Other highlights :

Special joint stages


2AM & 2PM

Joo HyunMi & So Nyeo Shi Dae

Seul Woon Do and F.cuz

C.N. Blue

Hot performances

T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’

Min Kyung Hoon with ‘Love Me Even Though I’m Hurt’

Gavy NJ ft. F.Cuz JinOn with ‘Sunflower’

C.N. Blue – ‘Loner’

2PM with ‘Gimme the Light’

2AM with ‘Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die’

U-Kiss with ‘Round & Round’

BEAST with ‘BEAST is the B2ST + Mystery’

Kara’s Lupin MV Teaser, 2NE1’s Try to Follow me, And SNSD’s Oh’s Future

DSP’s Girl Group Kara has been on fire this past week. With album jackets and tracklist already been announced. Now we got their Teaser for their next single “Lupin”.

The video looks very cool. Sticking with the sexy concept but moving on to a much darker theme. I’ll expect more from them by next week

2NE1 however has also released their CF single a few days ago (posted a few posts ago) And right now they are already conquering the music charts. To top that YG has confirmed that they will release an MV for the song

President of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk stated, “Initially, there wasn’t going to be a music video for this song, but because of the positive reaction from the public, we are taking it into consideration. The official decision will be made by YG Entertainment’s music video producers and directors.”

With these girls recent releases, SNSD might have a problem in conquering Music Bank for 8 straight weeks since 2ne1 and Kara can prove to be fierce competitions.

Let’s see in the coming weeks what will happen when this 2 girl groups debut their following singles