SS501 wins first Music Bank K-Chart with Love Ya!

After making their comeback just last week. The 5 boys from SS501 wins their first K-chart with their comeback single “Love Ya”

The performance was much awesome last week isn’t it?

Kara wins Music Bank K-Chart this week

It’s unfortunate that Kara didn’t won the M!NET M! Countdown yesterday. But the girls are back on Music Bank to try to claim this week’s K-Chart for the second week in a row. FORTUNATELY, the girls WON this week’s Music Bank K-Chart

Congratulations to the girls!



Kara wins 1st K-Chart win in Music Bank

Yes after beating T-ara by 1 point last night (which I haven’t posted unfortunately)

The girls from Kara wins their first K-Chart win today on Music Bank for their ultra super mega duper hit song “Lupin” (Yes that’s how much I love Lupin). They performed their song as usual but this time they used a different outfit. And Listen to the crowd carefully, they are going crazy for Kara.

Will the girls win a grandslam this week with Inkigayo still around the corner. Let’s see.

SNSD wins Music Bank K-Chart without Yuri

If you haven’t heard, Yuri has been bedridden with the dreaded swine flu. So the girls needs to continue promotions without her this week on Music Bank. It’s kinda sad watching them perform with one spot missing. But even without her, the girls managed to perform with energy this week.

They defeated old rival 2AM and new rival KARA this week with 15,931

Addicted to Kara

Kara returns this week on Music Bank with another “Lupin”.

The competition is pretty tough this week. Though the girls didn’t win the K-Chart this week, the girls sure gave out another awesome and exciting performance.

So, here’s the 5 girls from Kara with Lupin

Kara surpasses SNSD

After recent promotions in the 4 major music shows last week. Finally Kara has been paid for their hard work. Their latest chart topping single “Lupin” finally surpasses SNSD “OH!” in most music charts particularly Dosirak.

As much as I want SNSD to beat Gee in Music Bank, I also want to see Kara winning the K-Chart in Music Bank.

So without further ado, let’s hear once again Kara’s hit song “Lupin”

Oh! BTW, isn’t this pic of Nicole lovely