AKB48 reacher number 1 again… And where is Morning Musume?

Yes Yes! Idol Group AKB48 reaches number 1 again with their newest single ‘Sakura no Shiori’

I was surprised that this song soared to number 1 in just a matter of hours because first of all, I didn’t like my first reaction to the song. I feel like it’s an old school boring song. But fortunately it charted very well (BETTER THAN MORNING MUSUME).

Well, the song has its story. It’s about graduation. Perfect for the time of graduation since March is the time for graduation in Japan.

The MV I have to say is better than Morning Musume’s MV. The girls roaming around Tokyo, eating food, having fun. Something like a typical day (except for the fact that they are wearing Kimonos). I read from Helloblog that it was directed by a well known Japanese Director.

Maybe there is something wrong with TSUNKU that H!P isn’t being received that well by fans recently. What the heck! He’s making songs about girls dressing up, make-up, standing out. That’s totally pointless. I know the song is quite catchy, but still if you know the lyrics, you’ll know it’s pointless.

The first week rankings and sales of the song is way better than any H!P groups for the past year and recently. It also surpasses KAT-TUN’s recent single release.

What TSUNKU! needs to do is take this thing seriously. I feel like he’s slacking of because maybe right now all he wants is money. He’s been releasing songs for the sake of releasing it and doesn’t even care how people will react to the song.

If I was Tsunku, I would be worried by now because of how well fan receive AKB48.

I just hope that the latest Berryz single (WHICH BTW I REALLY LOVE) can chart well.

It’s the only meaningful song that H!P has released since Aruiteru?! (IF you think something was released that has a better and meaningful lyrics than after Aruiteru, feel free to comment).