Akimoto Sayaka Steps Down As AKB48’s Team K Captain

It has been a day since the news broke out that Akimoto Sayaka, AKB48’s Team K Leader had resigned from her position. It was because of the recent scandal that broke out with Hiroi Ouji, a musical/play director. The scandal was about seeing them together, going to each others houses and actually staying for a long time. The sound of the accusation of them sleeping together because of this arose and it not only affected Akimoto Sayaka personally but also her career. With the explanations going on, it was taken note that there were no sexual relationship with the two but pure business. According to Sayaka from her message on ALL NIGHT NIPPON (shown below + translations), she was only asking Ouji to help with her acting.


Translation: Credits to J-CAST + tokyohive

“I am responsible for the earlier report about the rumor with Hiroi Ouji-san. He is the stage director who I respect, I have asked Hiroi-san for help on stage performance of “Izumi Kyouka” since this summer. I’ve been to his house, and he has been to my house. I did not think anything of it, because Hiroi-san lives with his daughter, and I live with Umeda Ayaka. Moreover, since Hiroi-san is older than my father, I have never thought of him as a male. The day, we promised to have dinner together for discussions about acting, but my work finished too late, therefore he came over to my house. We kept talking about acting, but he fell asleep after a while, so I and Ume-chan decided to let him keep sleeping. I am woeful that it sounds like I’m making excuses. I’m sorry for all the fans who support me, and also for AKB members… I’m sorry. This became such a big issue, and it is all my fault. I should be the role model for other members, but I’m not qualified as a captain anymore. Therefore, I will resign as the captain of team K.”

Nothing seemed wrong to the two on doing this kind of business. Because on the way I see it, based on both parties sentiments, both had agreed to see each other just for Sayaka to learn more of acting. As Sayaka had said, they were both not alone in the house whenever they see each other. If they were to sleep together and all those things, they would have done it in private. In the case of Sayaka, Umeda Ayaka was with her and was the one responsible on telling Sayaka not to wake Ouji up to send him home. In the case of Ouji, he lived with his daughter.

Anyway, all is done. Each party had explained themselves and for what happened, I think Sayaka had already given herself a cruel punishment. As we can see, she is happy as the leader of Team K. She led them with all her might. That’s why we say she is “perfect” for the position and not only us fans had seen it but also every AKB48 member. In respect to Sayaka’s decision, we should keep supporting her. I will of course. ☺

To give comfort to Sayaka, loveandcoffee from Stage48, has planned a project to let Sayaka know how we support and believe in her. Please visit this link (below) to see the instructions for the sending of letters. If you don’t have a scanner, you could just type it in microsoft word, print screen, edit it a little bit in either photoscape or photoshop (add pictures, etc.) and send it to loveandcoffee. I had already sent mine and will let you guys see it as an example. For Filipino’s, please send your letters before 5:55am tomorrow.

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Letter to Sayaka(Final)

My Letter to Sayaka


Sorry for the late post. I had no mental and emotional stability to write about this. I hope you guys could still get your letters done.