2NE1 releases “Go Away” MV

ICarly special is now on… well anyway

I don’t effin care cause this has got to be the most awesome MV I have seen in the KPOP scene so far this year. After releasing the MV for their song “Clap your hands”, they released through 2NE1’s youtube the MV for their another song “Go Away”.

Yes I have abstain to see and hear any previews of all their songs, so I have got to say this is their best so far.

Well the MV focuses on CL (as well as the song I guess since she has a lot of lines). She looks so beautiful and how could just guy punch the living hell on her. Gawd I just want to kill that guy. Yes the MV is freakin awesome, it’s like a movie for heaven’s sake.

The most anticipated comeback of the second half of the year is nearing. Watch out for the MV for their comeback single “Can’t Nobody” to be released tomorrow

Arashi Monster PV released!

This was actually released a few days ago. Arashi’s new single Monster was released two days ago 19th of May while this PV was released a day earlier.

Monster is a tie-up with Satoshi Ohno’s new comedy drama Kaibutsu-kun. The PV reminds me of Arashi’s Believe. Riida gets most of the lines because simply it’s his song. Oh and it’s been a long time since Arashi had a serious dance in a song. The chorus is getting hooked with me. I love the PV, I love how they choose the background, theme everything. The solo thing kinda creeps me out a bit. I feel like it’s totally unnecessary.

So the bottomline is. This single is great. I really enjoyed it. This is worth a view like many other Arashi singles. Hope this one reacher number 1 to continue Arashi’s streak

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara Dance Shot PV

Finally, Mano Erina’s 7th single Onegai Dakara PV has been released. Well it’s the dance shot version. Better than nothing. The single will be released on the 19th so watch out for more.

I actually enjoyed this one. Though it’s still not the best H!P song ever. It’s still one of Mano Erina’s best in my opinion. And I’m not a very big Mano Erina fan. The only singles that I loved from her are Sekai wa Summer Party and Love&Peace=Paradise. The rest were pretty much boring for me, including the indies. Again no piano and no S/mileage in this single. New eggs were used. Mano Erina’s outfit in the PV is extremely hot. She’s as pretty as ever.

Well for those that aren’t much of Mano Erina fans, this should be a reason to at least like her a bit.

K-On!! Returns for a new season!!

If you’re a fan of the Light Music Club (otherwise known as K-on). Then you know the 5 lovely girls are back for more. The second season of K-on!! (yes 2 exclamation marks this time) has started airing. With more fun, more cakes, and more music. The girls surely returned with more of what we want from them.

If you haven’t watched the first episode follow here.

Just one episode and you’ll feel you want more.

the ending song for K-on!! is entitled Listen which was sung by Mio

and the opening was song was sung by Yui which is entitled Go Go Maniac