C-ute Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ LQ Full PV

OMG OMG OMG! I SCREAMED and you should too. Full PV is now out. Though it’s low quality. It’s better than nothing. I think it’s taken from Recochoku.

Airi’s Suki Suki Suki in the end is the best part in the whole video!! That killed me instantly!

I swear Mai looks a guy from behind no matter how you look at it.

Shima Shima duo is coming alive since Ume has gone!

Well anyways here’s the LQ PV for Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~

P.S. I’ll be posting the HQ PV as soon as it comes out

New PV’s from NEWS and TVXQ

To avoid making too many posts. I cramped this 3 artist’s PV on a single Post 🙂 Hope that’ll be alright

First we have NEWS with their newest PV Sakura Girl

Not a fan of JE (except for ARASHI!) but this new one from NEWS is great! I love how the PV was made, it’s concept and the lyrics. This is worth a watch

Next is TVXQ. Even with problems within the group/agency. TVXQ AKA DBSK AKA Tohoshinki still managed to release singles. Their latest one is this. Toki wo Tomete

These two songs will be in the countdown next week. So if you love them better sure to vote for them

Voting will be open later this evening. Stay Tuned!

Arashi makes Suicide!

Arashi’s full PV for their newest single “Troublemaker” is here. And it sure makes me want to sui-suicide.

The stop motion technique the director did in this PV is awesome. Though, I noticed that the guys don’t usually dance around in their PV anymore since “Everything”