Black Soshi released Run Devil Run!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this. After teasing us with their new concept photos and a teaser MV, the girls finally released their new single Run Devil Run.

I miss Oh! But this one is definitely better! It kinda reminds me of Chocolate Love (a little bit). The Chorus is something to die for, it definitely leaves a mark in your head.

Now according to KBS Music Bank’s Twitter account, they confirmed that the 9 girls will debut their new concept and song at this week’s Music Bank! So Stay Tuned! Yeah that made me a whole lot excited!

Better Run!

K-ON! Debuts on Animax!

K-ON! Japan’s number 1 anime last year will debut on Animax-Asia tonight at 8PM Philippine Time!

Here’s a short summary of K-on!

K-On! is an anime created by Kyoto Animation and first aired on TBS in Japan. Some of the famous songs from the anime are “Cagayake Girls” which sold approximately 62,000 copied and ” Don’t Say Lazy” which sold approximately 67,000 copies. K-On! also received a Best TV Animation Award at the 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

The story of K-On! follows four high school girls who’s main goal is to get the chance on playing at Japan’s famous Budokan. However, they are the only members of the club, and at first Yui Hirasawa, the main character, has no experience playing musical instruments or reading sheet music. Eventually, she learns how to be an excellent guitar player. The rest of the club helps her to buy a guitar, and they perform successfully at the school festival.

Interested? well don’t miss it tonight again on Animax at 8PM Philippine time

2NE1 confirms Debut on Music Core

Yes! YG’s hottest female group (no I don’t consider the Wonder Girls hotter than them) 2NE1 will have their debut on Music Core.

Debut? Yes Debut? The girls has been around and this is their first time performing on Music Core due to misunderstanding on both companies. But all is settled now, and you’ll finally see the 4 girls perform on the 3 major music shows during the weekend (maybe 4 once M!Net’s M! Countdown returns)

2NE1 will make it’s comeback (Debut) on Music Core on the 20th with their latest single “Try to Copy me”