Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara Dance Shot PV

Finally, Mano Erina’s 7th single Onegai Dakara PV has been released. Well it’s the dance shot version. Better than nothing. The single will be released on the 19th so watch out for more.

I actually enjoyed this one. Though it’s still not the best H!P song ever. It’s still one of Mano Erina’s best in my opinion. And I’m not a very big Mano Erina fan. The only singles that I loved from her are Sekai wa Summer Party and Love&Peace=Paradise. The rest were pretty much boring for me, including the indies. Again no piano and no S/mileage in this single. New eggs were used. Mano Erina’s outfit in the PV is extremely hot. She’s as pretty as ever.

Well for those that aren’t much of Mano Erina fans, this should be a reason to at least like her a bit.

C-ute Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ Close-up and Dance Shot versions!

OMG! Someone has already uploaded Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~’s dance shot and close up versions in youtube! OMG! I was like so in shocked when I saw this

Cloes-up version

The close-up version is the most awesome close-up version of any C-ute single since Meguru Koi no Kisetsu. Notice how the camera is all blurred in the background leaving only the girls faces clear. And and and their hair! Those hair are so awesome. If I’m gonna rank them by their hair in this single, it would be: Airi, Chisa, Maimi, Nakky, and Mai. Mai of course being the last because she absolutely look like a guy. But she still looks pretty. She’s still 3rd in my C-ute rankings though. The only thing that I hate in this close-up is that Airi’s Suki Suki suki in the end was changed. That made me real mad.

Dance Shot version

Now the dance shot has everything the close-up doesn’t have. The legs. Yeah you could see them clearly with those short shorts and school like outfits. Those are awesome! The dance is good but not my favorite. It still can’t stand out as much as Namida no Iro or Tokkaiko Junjo but it’s better than Sakura Chirari and Ookina ai de motenaishite. OMG! I fell in love with Nakky’s wink at her suki suki suki part. Chisa looks extremely pretty with that hair. She should keep it. No more tomboyish Chisa. Though Mai looks like a guy, she still looks pretty here. Maimi and Airi feels so genki in this single (or maybe all of them).They should close up on Maimi on her suki suki suki part. That sucks

OMG! I can’t help it this is my new favorite song (last one was Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda).

Buono! Our Songs Dance Shot and Close-Up versions

I know you’ve been waiting for this so here are the dance shot and close-up versions of Buono!’s Our Songs. I personally love the Close-up Air version

Otakebi Boy HQ PV & Dance Shot ver

Yesterday, Berryz Koubou’s Otakebi Boy Wao! Single V was released. In the single v, the actual PV, it’s dance-shot and making are the ones in it. Enjoy the REAL HQ PV of Otakebi Boy WAO! (which is from the Single V cd) and the Dance shot version! 😀

*please be patient, the dance version is still being processed in YT*