Why so hot, you two?!

Yesterday on the MBC Section TV Entertainment Relay, Yuri of SNSD and actor Daniel Henney were seen at a filming site. These two bright creatures were chosen as the new faces of the cosmetic line Biotherm and were filming for the upcoming CF together.

I bet each member of SNSD is dying of jealousy, I mean..Hello?! It’s Daniel Henney!!!

Well, they definitely look good together and damn are they both smoking hot!

2PM is high on coke.

Yes Coke, the Beasts shed their manly-ness off and shows us their bright and cute sides in this MV Ad. for Coca-Cola.

The full MV of the song is finally revealed!

BSX CF Black Top Version!!!

Big Bang is back once again with another version of their BSX CF.
The first CF had a 30 second duration, this new one includes a full packed 30 second Big Bang OSAMNESS!

My, aren’t they hot shaking up a subway station?

Here are some photos for you to drool on…

Man, I didn’t regret buying myself a BSX hoodie! 8D But they just made me want more of it! Bad boys.
Well, hope their advertisement worked on you guys!

2NE1 Releases Corby CF

2NE1 is on fire. Just days after surprising us with their song “Try to copy me”, they have now released the CF for the song. The song already almost all of the music charts lately. Surely Samsung will have bigger sales this year with 2NE1 Endorsing them.

Saseng fan on the loose?

Well, it’s the long awaited CF of 2PM+Yoon Eun Hye+Boram! I just watched it recently, and all I can say is this totally pwns Dara+Minho CF! The storyline of this CF is really OSAM and scary at the same time, I really liked this CF, so far this was 2PM’s best CF. (Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much DEXTER)

The story was kinda of heartbreaking but it also freaked the heck out of me! Just think of the possibilities for it the happen in real life!

Anyway, just check out the videos below: