Weekly Top 10 Poll Results 2/16-2/21

The results for this Week’s Top 10 are here.

at Numbers 10 and 9 we have 3 songs

Yurase Ima Wo by Arashi

2AM with I Can’t let you go Even if I die

and another one by Arashi Troublemaker

at 8 we have Mano Erina with her newest single Haru no Arashi

at 7 we have Berryz Kobo’s Otakebi Boy WAO!

[Can’t Find PV] ^_^” >> No PV yet. (edited by panick)

at 6 we have 2ne1’s TRY TO COPY ME

at 5 we have Morning Musume’s Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

at 4 we got Buono!’s Our Songs

at 3 we got another Berryz song but this time it’s Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

and up next is our Top 2

It’s don’t be surprised, it’s C-ute’s Shock (I mean Airi Suzuki Ft. C-ute)


IT’s OUR Favorite 9 Girl Group SNSD with OH!

That Concludes this week’s results. I hope more people will vote next week if you want your favorite groups to be in the top 10.

Idol Groups going back to their debut days on Music Core’s 200th Episode

It’s Music Core’s 200th Episode. And today we see our favorite Idol Groups going back to the past

First we have SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany perform Gee with Rock Band CNBLUE

Then we have After School performing Diva

and Crazy

We have our favorite 9 Girl Group SNSD with U Go Girl

And we have Kara with My Name

Brown Eyed Girls performing Love and How Come

Then we have Shinee which performed Noona is so Pretty(Replay)

And their HIT song Ring Ding Dong

And then we have 2PM performing 10 Points out of 10

and Again & Again

And we have 2NE1 (which I missed a lot) performing I Don’t Care and Fire with Dara sporting that HAIR! Which I haven’t seen in a long time

Now it’s SNSD with Into The New World

Credits to Dkpopnews for all the vids

Kara’s Lupin and #1

Earlier today, Korean Girl Group Kara has released their Third Mini album with title Track ‘Lupin’. Here’s the song

Did you liked it? Well I did. Lupin is a sure track that has a big potential to beat those two powerhouse group SNSD and 2NE1.

Oh wait! They already did!

Well after just a couple of hours since its release, the song has already soared to number #1 in Money3 real time charts.

Surprised aren’t you?

Well here’ the rest of the songs from the album

2NE1 confirms Debut on Music Core

Yes! YG’s hottest female group (no I don’t consider the Wonder Girls hotter than them) 2NE1 will have their debut on Music Core.

Debut? Yes Debut? The girls has been around and this is their first time performing on Music Core due to misunderstanding on both companies. But all is settled now, and you’ll finally see the 4 girls perform on the 3 major music shows during the weekend (maybe 4 once M!Net’s M! Countdown returns)

2NE1 will make it’s comeback (Debut) on Music Core on the 20th with their latest single “Try to Copy me”

Sandara to debut as an actress?

There are much expectations that 2NE1 member Sandara Park will not only be promoting as a singer but will also be widening the scope to acting.

Sandara Park was preparing to be an actress before she joined 2NE1. But the production which she was originally planned to debut in did not happen and she joined 2NE1 and is now promoting as a singer. But with her outstanding appearances and popularity, there has been a endless stream of ‘lovecalls’ for her to appear in movies and dramas. Already, she has appeared for the 1st episode of 2009 MBC drama ‘The Return of IlJiMae’.

An official said, “Sandara Park had been an actress back when she was in the Philippines, she has also been studying up on acting, so the possibility for her appearing on the big screen is big. There are high chance that she will promote as a singer as well as an actress.”

The official also added, “Even though we have received many production proposals, we have not decided on anything yet. If there is a good opportunity, we not definitely not turn it down.”


Why not? I’d love to watch the drama she would star on. 🙂 And maybe she could get the rest of 2NE1 to guest on the show? :)))

2NE1 Releases Corby CF

2NE1 is on fire. Just days after surprising us with their song “Try to copy me”, they have now released the CF for the song. The song already almost all of the music charts lately. Surely Samsung will have bigger sales this year with 2NE1 Endorsing them.

Kara’s Lupin MV Teaser, 2NE1’s Try to Follow me, And SNSD’s Oh’s Future

DSP’s Girl Group Kara has been on fire this past week. With album jackets and tracklist already been announced. Now we got their Teaser for their next single “Lupin”.

The video looks very cool. Sticking with the sexy concept but moving on to a much darker theme. I’ll expect more from them by next week

2NE1 however has also released their CF single a few days ago (posted a few posts ago) And right now they are already conquering the music charts. To top that YG has confirmed that they will release an MV for the song

President of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk stated, “Initially, there wasn’t going to be a music video for this song, but because of the positive reaction from the public, we are taking it into consideration. The official decision will be made by YG Entertainment’s music video producers and directors.”

With these girls recent releases, SNSD might have a problem in conquering Music Bank for 8 straight weeks since 2ne1 and Kara can prove to be fierce competitions.

Let’s see in the coming weeks what will happen when this 2 girl groups debut their following singles