2011 Hello! Project Calendars

Preview of Hello! Project’s 2011 Calendars has been released.

I find this one better than last year for a lot of reasons. First because S/mileage has been added. And second because of how Erina looks so hot on hers.

S/mileage and C-ute’s theme are similar while Berryz and Morning Musume are quite similar. I love C-ute and S/mileage better. I also like Mano Erina’s calendar a lot because of the theme

C-ute Dance de Bakoon! PV Review!

This is a pure review of C-ute’s 13th single Dance de Bakoon. I know most of you have already seen the PV from H!O or Tokyohive but here’s my reaction.

The song is another beautiful one from C-ute. It’s very much addicting like the previous single. I love how the lines are evenly distribute. I feel now that Tsunku has answered are prayers in dividing the lines.

Now on to the PV. The PV isn’t much better than the previous one. It’s all made under the green screen if you look at it leaving the girls and the microphone the only real thing. The outfits are okay for me. But I still like the dark ones more than the white dresses.

Well anyways see it for yourself and you be the judge. Here’s C-ute’s 13th single PV “Dance de Bakoon”

Monthly Poll Results: First Half song of the Year!

Okay so I apologize for taking this a week to be published. Anyway, the winner for the FIRST HALF SONG OF THE YEAR is none other than…

Yes it’s none other than, Girls’ Generation with their ultra hit single Oh!.

SNSD’s Oh! won 35% of your votes.

1st runner up is the first ever JKMUSICPH Platinum award winner which is none other than Berryz Kobo’s Otakebi Boy Wao! who won 23% of your votes

While not far behind them is C-ute’s 12th single “Campus Life ~Umarete kite Yokatta~” which is only 2 votes behind Berryz

C-ute’s c/w “Tachiagare Otometachi” Follows with 8% of your votes and

Berryz Kobo’s “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda” with 4%

Tied at the last spot is Kara’s Lupin, Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection, and SS501’s Love Ya with 3% of your votes.

On the other hand, Rain’s Love Song wins the no love award despite winning the Weekly Top 10 at least twice this first half of the year.

Yes! JKMUSICPH is back! more updates will follow soon!

C-ute “Dance de Bakoon” – PV Preview

The preview for C-ute’s 13th single entitled “Dance de Bakoon” has been released.

The PV features C-ute dancing on a disco like stage/platform. Couple with a lot of effects and that old school microphone.

Overall, this isn’t the best PV C-ute has ever had. It’s one of the worst actually in my opinion. But the song is something to like. Much like with their last single. I am actually eager to see the whole PV.

Well anyway, watch the PV preview of C-ute’s 13th single “Dance de Bakoon”

C-ute dominates, Berryz drop in this week’s top 10!

C-ute regains the top spot this week in our weekly top 10 with their song Tachiagare Otometachi

Tachiagare Otometachi gained 49% of your votes this week. 1% shy of winning half of the votes.

Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection comes in second with 15% of your votes.

JKMUSICPH’s longest tenured song SNSD’s Run Devil Run is at 3rd with 12% of votes.

While last week’s winner, Berryz Kobo’s Maji Bomber drops at 4th place this week with only 10% of votes

S/mileage’s Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende, Super Junior’s No Other, and Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl are all tied up in 5th place with 5% of votes!

Well that’s all for this week! SNL is up next ready to give you some awesome live performances!

C-ute 2010 Spring ~Shocking Live~

C-ute’s DVD ~Shocking Live~ will be released on the 7th but Eduardo19930803 from youtube has already uploaded the WHOLE concert in his channel.

Here’s a preview to get you all pumped up

Much to my dismay, I already watched the whole concert on his channel. And so far my reaction is great. I love how each of the members had solos and Mai, Chisa, and Nakky having to sing together not just once but twice.

The set list is another great thing. Though it is focused on their album Shocking 5. Timeless classics such as Image Colour from 3rd Love Escalation and Shines from 4 Akogare my Star were still included. I was actually overjoyed when I heard Image Colour was going to be in the setlist because personally it is one of my favorite songs from C-ute. Another fun song is Kimi no Senpou performed by Nakky, Mai, and Chisa. It is so much fun to watch because they didn’t omit the talking part which makes it look more like a song/mc put together as one.

They however changed the tap dancing segment that we saw for the past 2 years in the concert and replaced it with the flag exhibition we usually see cheerleaders do. MC’s are quite fun to watch especially the MC after Mai, Nakky, and Chisa sang Seventeen’s Vow.

~Is it just me or did Mai gained weight?~

Anyways I still encouraged everyone to buy the DVD since I personally think this one is worth it.

C-ute’s Campus Life~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ wins second Titanium Award!

Wahoo! I thought C-ute’s Campus Life won’t win this week because it was a close competition between this and their C/w track Tachiagre Otometachi. But in the end, C-ute manages to snag the win and the second crown for our “Titanium Award”

Campus Life wins 32% of your votes while Tachiagare Otometachi wins 26%

Morning Musume’s new single is not far behind winning 18% of the votes. Earlier in the week, SS501’s Love Ya was leading Morning Musume but was eventually beat and earned a total of 10% of your votes this week.

Other vote earners this week are; Arashi, SNSD, S/mileage, AKB48, and Wonder Girls