End of School


Whew, finally I’m coming back to blogging. Sorry for not being able to update any of my blogs because of business in school. You all know how busy a 3rd year college student might be?

Anyway, I’m here to tell you guys that I’ll be blogging again starting tomorrow.

I’ll even share you my lists of things to do. :]

Things To Do:

  1. Change layout (Since I asked permission before but never got to do it…. ^^; )
  2. Upload all the things I missed to upload

Well, that’s all that I need to do. And uhh, that’s not a “JUST”… since I need to do it in 4 blogs. (What a job I had given to myself… *sigh* )

Anyway, I hope you guys look forward to all the changes and updates I’ll be making this week. Since I’ll try to finish everything this week. And I mean… EVERYTHING!


Now, just a little sharing…

We all know the tragic thing that happened to Japan. Even though we don’t live or even experienced what they did, we are all still affected. From government wise to our own reasons.

Maybe some of you share the same sympathy and emotions as how I did when I heard what happened that day… March 11th.

I was at panic. I opened every TV here at home with different channels. I even opened the computer to check for news.

All that was in my mind was, “is Captain okay? Is she safe? I hope she is… I hope she posted or there’s news from H!P that she is safe…”

Everything about Captain’s safety was filling my head. Of course, after finding out that she was safe, that is when I looked around for the other artists/singers. I remembered that AKB (or maybe some of them) are out of the country so they were safe (that’s when I stopped thinking of TakaMina’s safety after Captain). After a few days, of course, I’m still thinking of their safety and if they have food and all they need.


Good thing Captain and TakaMina were safe…

When I tried to think what if they are missing or worse, dead… I couldn’t think of anything… I guess It’ll be the end of JPOP for me… And I don’t want that to happen… Since I don’t really know what to do without Captain. Seriously… Even though I don’t know her personally or even talked to her… I still feel we have a connection. Maybe that Artist-Fan connection but really… It feels that I know her since we were little, etc. Feelings like that… So it is hard to even think of her leaving or… you know….

But seriously, if that really happened… I would be lost in the music world for the time being. Good thing they are really safe. Thank you Kami-sama!

Well, that’s all I could share when the quake happened.

Let’s all continue praying for Japan.

Now, I’ll get to share you guys a project by WaratteNippon. 🙂

~ panickofpain ~

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