Let us pray for Japan

Sorry this is late.

That is because I’ve been following the news about the quake and tsunami in Japan since late this afternoon. It’s very sad in my part since Japan is already a part of my heart.

So around 2:45 this afternoon. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan’s north east coast followed by 50 aftershock and a gigantic 23 foot tsunami. It’s really devastating to hear this apocalyptic time of natural disaster hitting Japan. An estimated 200-300 bodies were found in Sendai city which was the closest epicenter to the earthquake.

I’m hoping everyone to pray for the casualties and the survivors of the earthquake. I can’t bare to see Japan like this. And I think it’s gonna take some time before they recover from the massive damage the earthquake and tsunami did to Japan.

I just thank God that it didn’t hit our country that bad. God has all the answer why this has happened. I hope that every country in the world will pray together that this disaster won’t struck again.

Let this serve as a warning from God that we need to change. Let’s not look at this as something that triggers the beginning of the end. I know that this isn’t and I pray to God that it won’t

Everyone who follows this site. I hope you pray for the good of everyone. Thanks

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