Chisa’s rise to popularity

It’s no doubt that Chisa has rose to popularity within Hello! Project.

It all started with Chisa uploading a video of herself in C-ute’s official youtube channel dancing to their own songs such as; Massara Blue Jeans, Dance de Bakoon, Ookina ai de Motenaishite, and Forever Love

Then she uploaded a song and dance cover of Aya Matsuura’s Love Namidairo (which was also released as a solo single of Chisa on Itunes)

and after that she decided to do a dance cover of sister group S/mileage’s Yume Miru 15sai

What’s weird is that her dance cover of Dance de Bakoon has more views than all versions of Dance de Bakoon in C-ute’s official channel (1,121,870 to 387,858). Another thing that I noticed is that she has the most viewed solo version of Dance de Bakoon and Aitai Lonely Christmas in C-ute’s channel.

Tsunku is clearly pushing this girl lately. In their upcoming single Kiss me Aishiteru

You could clearly see how Chisa got that big space where Airi is usually seen. (Agree?). Besides that, it is clearly seen and heard how she got pretty more lines than Saki and Mai in the new single (however, I think what Tsunku is trying to do was to distribute the lines evenly with the members).

Not only that but Tsunku also give this girl not one but two solo live events just for her. Yes, everyone that is how famous she is not and I believe that more of that will come as this year progress.

See ya Chisa


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