Today marks the first anniversary of this blog! CONGRATULATIONS! TO EVERYONE. I’m sorry for the lack of posts in the recent months but as you might have noticed we’ve been trying our best to keep this blogsite alive.

One year flies by so fast. A lot of things happened in the JPOP and KPOP industry. We’ve seen KPOP dominated asia in the middle of the year. We noticed a sad graduation from 3 Morning Musume favorites at the end of the year. To be honest, I haven’t really got in to JPOP a lot since I started going to college. I mean I only know like one person in my life who also listen to JPOP. I feel sad for not loving JPOP as much as I did before. KPOP isn’t that much of a problem to me since  a lot of people in the Philippines listen to KPOP as well. However, I find other people who listen to KPOP posers for some reason.

I remember back then when this blogsite just started. We have like tons of post in just a single day. A year is so short isn’t it. Well Just wanna say Thanks a lot again to those who continues to read this blog. I LOVE YOU

Here’s a dose of S/mileage for your viewing pleasure as well as Seungri for all those fangirls out there.


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