2010 Reflections!


Well this blog site has been down for the past few weeks if you could notice. The only thing that is posted here regularly is the Oricon weekly Charts (thanks to henshikenhirumi for that).

Well anyways

2010 has been a big big year for me. A lot of good things happen especially to the Korean and Japanese entertainment. Like S/mileage winning best new artist on the 52nd Japanese Record Awards and SNSD being listed in the Asia Today’s list of 50 Korean Power Leaders of 2010.

A lot of Hello! Project girls also released their own PB’s like Chisa and Nakky.

Graduation isn’t an exception as well as Kamei Eri as well as Junjun and Linlin graduated from Morning Musume this year.

In 2010, K-Pop has dominated the Philippine Music Charts as well. Famous groups like Super Junior, B2st, U-Kiss, 4minute, FT Island, Rain, Kim Hyung Joon, One Way, and a lot more (I guess) held concerts, mall tours, tv guesting in the country. Not only that, PPOP, Philippine’s version of KPOP started to spread across the country. Groups like Pointen, XLR8, Pop Girls, and RPM are KPOP look alikes. And though I never really liked them, it proves that KPOP has infected the country nevertheless.

Well to be honest, I never actually got IN to Jpop and Kpop in the second half of the year. I mean its really hard to be a fan if none of your friends ever listen to it.

Well anyway as 2010 ends, let us all welcome 2011 with a bang!

I wish for KPOP to be more commercial in this country (I’m still hoping for a SNSD concert).

I also wish for JPOP to be commercial in this country. Though I doubt that would happen

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