Daichi Miura – The Answer (Short Dance Ver.)

I didn’t see at the Avex channel that Daichi Miura also released a short Dance Version of his newest single, ‘The Answer’. This is uploaded as a CM for his new single. For those who haven’t seen it, here it is. Of course, those who watched it already are welcomed to watch it again. 😀

Now, for all the dance versions that I encountered, this is the MOST AWESOME of all! Seriously. If ever he releases a pure dance version, I will of course, share it with all of you. 😀 If you want a download of this short version, please comment below and I will post the link. ^^v

If you haven’t downloaded the PV and MP3, please go here:


One Response

  1. hey…
    I’m a big fan of Daichi Miura
    and I think the dance version is really-really great
    If only he released the dance version PV too it’ll be awesome
    too bad it is only the short version
    could you please share me the link to download the Short version and “Drama” dance session and mp3

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