Saturday Night Live! Big Bang!!

So it’s SNL again!! Well this week, I’ve been mostly obsessed with Big Bang as well as Taeyang and G-Dragon! It’s mainly because of Taeyang’s comeback with his new album ‘Solar’

So without further ado, let’s kick things of with Taeyang performing one of the track from his comeback album ‘Solar’, Just a Feeling

Just a Feeling is one of my favorite tracks from his ‘Solar’ album. It’s really addicting just from the start. I wonder why this song isn’t his comeback single

Next is Taeyang’s comeback single from ‘Solar’, I Need a Girl

Another Taeyang is next with his last single, Wedding Dress

Okay so despite his new single, Wedding Dress is still my favorite from him. I never get tired of listening to this one.

Next is my all time favorite Big Bang song, Sunset Glow

Aren’t the kids cute? Big Bang will make their comeback maybe next month and I’m so excited right now.

Next is another one of my favorite songs from them, Haru Haru

Next is Big Bang’s Japanese single, Gara Gara Go

Main event for tonight is Big Bang’s Single LIES!

Well I guess that’s it for this week! Tune in again for another Weekly top 10 next week!

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