Berryz Kobo – Maji Bomber Full PV!

FINALLY It’s out! Berryz Kobo’s PV for their newest single “Maji Bomber” has been released.

I freakin love it! Yes another great Berryz Kobo single like the previous one. It’s rockish, it’s Buonoish, it’s great. So far this year no H!P has disappointed me. But this sky rocketed to my personal H!P Top songs for the year. The dance in the chorus is kinda weird though. And you gotta love those outfits (but doesn’t it seem like Miya is always wearing the England flag in her body too much?). The camera angles are awesome as well. I like how the camera turns 360 degrees around the girls. You also have to love the girls with the guitars. That is so awesome!!

Captain and Momo are the two that stands out the most to me, well everyone looks extremely perfect as well, but the two stands out to me the most. Captain is extraordinarily beautiful in this one which makes me want to see her have her own PB. Momo on the other hand if you noticed, she has the less makeup especially eyeliners (or is it that Momo’s eyes are just small that it’s barely noticable).

Okay so right around the middle of the song, I felt like this song is Originally for Buono! because of the hop step jump part and that it’s rockish and also Miya’s outfit which has a strong strong resemblance of Buono!

The only downfall for me is Chinami who’s vocals isn’t very much powerful for a rock song such as this one. But she still looks extremely rockish and of course pretty

Anyways, here’s Berryz Kobo’s PV for their 23rd single “Maji Bomber”

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