C-ute’s Campus Life~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ wins second Titanium Award!

Wahoo! I thought C-ute’s Campus Life won’t win this week because it was a close competition between this and their C/w track Tachiagre Otometachi. But in the end, C-ute manages to snag the win and the second crown for our “Titanium Award”

Campus Life wins 32% of your votes while Tachiagare Otometachi wins 26%

Morning Musume’s new single is not far behind winning 18% of the votes. Earlier in the week, SS501’s Love Ya was leading Morning Musume but was eventually beat and earned a total of 10% of your votes this week.

Other vote earners this week are; Arashi, SNSD, S/mileage, AKB48, and Wonder Girls

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