Morning Musume Seishun Collection PV

I’ve been waiting for this. The PV for Morning Musume’s 43rd single Seishun Collection was released via a live stream during a live rehearsal of their play Fashionable.

Like I said when I posted the 30sec CM of the PV. I love this one. Both the PV and song. Morning Musume has transitioned from that “Love Song” era to a more genkier one.

The song still sounds like a mix of Shouganai Yume Oibito and Nanchatte Renai. But this definitely is a good one. It’s been a long time since I liked a Morning Musume song instantly. Normally I take time into liking it.

The outfits matches the blue sky and the green football field. The close up are cutes especially the one which shows each member jumping on a trampoline and at the second half of the song where they are holding signs.

The girl that stands out the most in my opinion is Sayu. She stands out because she’s the only one with a black hair in the group which makes her distinctively cute. Reina also caught my eye because her hair is all down which is different from her normal one. And she also doesn’t have hair glitters.

No one in the group is a line hog since all of them sang at unison in the chorus and in the verses, they sing by twos. The only member to get a solo are Ai, Reina, Kamei, and Risa. But even though they get a solo it’s only one.

Overall, I love the whole PV, song, etc. I just hope that this brings back Morning Musume to the top. At least reaching Number 1 again won’t hurt. But having a lot of sales isn’t bad either.

The release date is set for 6/9

Edit: Subbed (Romanji and Eng)

One Response

  1. I love their new single.
    And what you just said? Yeah, completely agree.
    Took me forever to like their last single. It was meh.
    This one I love because everyone gets a line just about. Which made me one happy camper. 😀

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