S/mileage Yume Miru 15sai Released!

The first of the few S/mileage news are here! After releasing S/mileage’s Debut single Yume Miru 15sai today. Oricon has released the full PV of the single.


This is way better than the first one that we get to see. The PV is actually good. It’s better than the PV of C-ute’s first single (yeah you know what I mean). I love the close-up shots. I’m still trying to like Kanon’s short hair. I love the last scene where they changed into a dark concept. Really cool there. Though I’m not saying this was the best S/mileage PV ever made. But S/mileage PV’s are exceptionally cute. I feel like Tsunku’s investing a lot of money in this group.

Well I hope the single would sell well after all the promotions they have gone through.

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