My Favorite Arashi songs!

Okay I got addicted to Arashi since about two days ago after watching the 5×10 concert! Actually before Hello! Project came, Arashi was my first love. I learned Arashi through HYD. Yes that weird guy who played Domyouji in that cool dorama.

Moving on, I have my own top 5 Arashi songs! Yes songs not single because I don’t want to limit myself to just 30 songs. Well this songs are in no particular order and were chosen because these songs makes me love Arashi more!

Aozora Pedal

There is a lot of reason why this came first it was already playing on my youtube and second because the PV and song  just fit well together. I so love the meaning to this song. It just goes through me like boom! It’s one of those Arashi songs wherein everytime I hear it, I look for more Arashi songs.


I can’t find the live version for some reason. Well anyways, this song is one of my favorites because of Sho’s rap. I kinda memorize the whole rap but still gets tongue twisters because it’s japanese. The chorus is so lovely and it’s very addicting believe me. I don’t get tired listening to this song even if it’s on loop.


Now I love this song because it pumps out my energy. This is one of the few songs where I sing it a loud when I’m all alone (and believe me there aren’t that many songs that I do that to).

Oh Yeah

Much like Happiness, I sing a long to this song a lot. I love the Oh Yeah! parts of the song, it pumps my energy!


Sirius is a song that has similarities with Aozora Pedal. The song just touches me. I love the meaning of the song. The chorus touches my heart.

Love So Sweet

Come one who doesn’t love this song. Love so Sweet is one of the factors that made Arashi more famous. And again as I learned Arashi through HYD, Love So Sweet is one of my first songs. And I know how to dance this.

Well I guess that’s it. Note that those are only the songs which has a lot of meaning to me. I love all Arashi songs and I’ll continue to support them!

Arashi for dreams!

3 Responses

  1. Monster is a good one too…its their newest single…also One Love and Ashita no Kioko are amazing as well

    • I didn’t include Monster since it’s still a new single. I also love One love and Ashita no Kioko. There isn’t an Arashi song that I didn’t like. These are just some of my favorites! 🙂

  2. gotcha. The only one I really don’t care for is Days of Our Lives….but the rest are amazing!! XD

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