Inazuma Eleven will air on Cartoon Network Asia 6/7

I just saw this a while ago on Cartoon Network. Yes! Inazuma Eleven, that anime where Berryz Kobo sings the ending theme will air on Cartoon Network this June! I just hope CN won’t edit their ending to their own because I really wanna hear Berryz on my TV. Berryz Kobo sang the 2nd-4th ending theme of the song. They are Seishun Bus Guide, Ryuusei Boy, and Otakebi Boy Wao

Here are the endings

4 Responses

  1. can u tell me why inazuma eleven stops broadcasting in india

    • I don’t actually know the real reason behind it, but the Cartoon Network in your country is responsible for the shows that air in your country. They are also the ones who buy the shows from the original producers or from America, before they show it in Cartoon Network. So, maybe, India’s Cartoon Network found another good show that is better than Inazuma Eleven. We actually don’t know, but they are the ones who place the videos in our screen. Maybe asking them would be good too. Like, write them a letter?

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