Arashi on Kokuritsu!

Okay! As you may or may not know. I’m a bigger fan of Arashi than any Hello! Project or JPOP groups. H!P only comes next to them. Well I’ve been anticipating Arashi’s 5×10 concert on Kokuritsu last August for so long now. Well no I don’t have the DVD (if only I can) but thankfully someone uploaded it on Youtube! nitaneechan2 for uploading it!

Okay so here’s my coverage of Arashi’s 5×10 Concert!

They started the song with Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi. Yes that kind of opening is the most awesome~st opening I have ever seen! Though I still prefer Oh Yeah! as the intro like before. Kansha isn’t a wrong choice either. Especially with them hanging above the whole Tokyo Stadium.

I love the flashy outfit change. You don’t feel that they’re leaving the stage at all. Kaze no Muko e is so LOVE!! yeah! Nino’s voice is so lovely (I sound Gay right?)

Crazy Moon was crazy but Pikanchi was crazier! Aiba was hanging from above! Yeah! he did it twice now at this point! That was awesome. And he’s with a live marching band and a rock band. Horizon is also another awesome performance with the whole group again. Love those outfits so much.

Those vegetables are still a laugh aren’t they! :)) Oh yeah and I’ve noticed that they are wearing color coded outfits…sorta. Well they look like NewS/Kanjani8 with those. Haha! Johnny’s Juniors comes out to play as backup dancers again with Arashi! But I feel like they’ve gotten a lot more Johnny’s Junior members than the last concert. Oh well the more the merrier I guess

Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na mono!! OMG! that was so awesome!! Nino is like the main vocalist and guitarist of a band. I thought it was Jun and Ohno who were playing the guitar and sax at the beginning but I stand corrected. That was so cool. Though the song doesn’t match Nino’s voice (Ohno still sings this much better), there’s a plus for playing with an actual live band. I’m actually going crazy right now at this point of the concert. So before Everything Jun and Aiba introduced the band. They turned everything into a sort of a ballad song.

Hitomi no Naka Galaxy and Aozora Pedal are a perfect match aren’t they? They also turned these two into an acoustic ballad song which is actually good. I find it better than the original. Typhoon Generation was great! That made me feel much more excited at the whole concert and I’m not even half way done at this point. Kumori Nochi, Kaisei is cute!! haha! Ohno’s looks weird everytime he wears that otufit Oh yeah that reminded me something. He’s about 30 now right? A day in our life was kinda plain for me. Oh yeah! that’s what I’m waiting for.

I so love Oh yeah! Everytime I see them perform this it brings up my energy more! Bummer it’s only about 2minutes long. But Hadashi no Mirai comes next anyways. Another one of my favorite. I love how all the fangirls follows them as they do the moves. Beautiful Days was so so so so awesome! OMG! ….. speechless

Sho’s solo! finally!! This is incredible! OH wait!…. Jun’s next!!! Jun did Wish in a jazz version. That was so cool. He even did a jazz dance solo. OMG!!

WHOA! Attack it! Yeah! makes me wanna attack them! Truth!!! They’re suspended again above the whole arena! Oh yeah and they look like Power Rangers ready for an attack. Well that’s not the appropriate them for this song isn’t it?

so at the beginning of the next video. There’s a history of Arashi narrated by each of the members. That’s from the very beginning to the present. Then A.RA.SHI. GAWD! The outfits are hilarious!! See through!!

PIKANCHI is where things gets more awesome! Oh wait… I just realized this is a medley. The medley ends at Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na mono.

Sakura Sake! One of my favorites! OMG! That’s what I like from Arashi! they give the fans a great performance!! Wish again! This medley never ends doesn’t it. OMG! How can Arashi sing this many songs! I love how the whole crowd jumps at Happiness! that’s so crazy.

Believe was so cool! The fireworks, the dance, the everything! hell yeah! that’s one hell of a performance. Then it was a message for the fans. Though I can’t understand this I know they’re thanking all of their fans for all the support throughout the years.

Then 5×10 comes next. This is a very emotional song. I love this one so much. You can feel Arashi’s love!

Heres where the encore starts. They started things with Pikanchi Double. Jun is sitting down. Why oh Why Jun? Well not the whole song anyways.

So continuation of the first encore. They also performed Ashita ni Mukatte and Dekirudake. They ended it with the usual favorite, One Love

Second encore was way awesome than the first. They began things with the awesome Fight Song. OMG! I really love this one. It’s crazy! I wish someone was thrown into water again like last time. It’s the last two songs and they still have the energy. I love Arashi so much. Gorimucchu is next. See that energy, they never get tired for their lovely fans. Oh and have you noticed the specialized glow sticks the fangirls have that’s written Arashi. Doesn’t Big Bang have something like those?

They ended the concert with their very first single A.RA.SHI. Yes that was an awesome concert wasn’t it. I think that wasn’t enough for me to handle.

And if you want more. Here’s more of Arashi with their latest single back then My Girl. If you look at it, that’s not Kokuritsu at all. They performed at Kokuritsu at aroung August of last year. So I’m guessing this performance of My Girl was a later part of the tour. Well anyways, My Girl was lovely. I think this was the very first live performance of My Girl.

Well I guess that’s it *sob* I LOVE THE CONCERT so much I don’t want it to end. Well all good things must come to an end, which only makes me eager to see the next Arashi concert.

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