Arashi Monster PV released!

This was actually released a few days ago. Arashi’s new single Monster was released two days ago 19th of May while this PV was released a day earlier.

Monster is a tie-up with Satoshi Ohno’s new comedy drama Kaibutsu-kun. The PV reminds me of Arashi’s Believe. Riida gets most of the lines because simply it’s his song. Oh and it’s been a long time since Arashi had a serious dance in a song. The chorus is getting hooked with me. I love the PV, I love how they choose the background, theme everything. The solo thing kinda creeps me out a bit. I feel like it’s totally unnecessary.

So the bottomline is. This single is great. I really enjoyed it. This is worth a view like many other Arashi singles. Hope this one reacher number 1 to continue Arashi’s streak

One Response

  1. This song is amazing! I love it!

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