2010 Buono! Live Tour – We Are Buono!

Buono!’s 2010 Live Tour ~We Are Buono~ was released yesterday! I was anticipating this because moste of the songs performed on the concert are from the new album as well as classics from their first two albums such as Kiss Kiss Kiss, Renai Rider, and Rottara Rottara. I haven’t ordered my copy yet since I’m out of cash right now but I’ve seen performances on youtube and I was actually surprised on how they performed. It was totally different from their debut 2-3 years ago.

I really loved the performance of Tabidachi no Uta and so far it’s my favorite. This kinda replace Kimi ga Ireba from the previous concerts

And here’s Koucha no Oishii Mise. The vocals totally rock. It’s better than Hoshi no. The harmony, the voicing. This has got to be one of my favorite from the concert

Here’s with the band Dolce

Gotta love We Are Buono! It build spirits doesn’t it?

Bravo Bravo is also an awesome performance

Independent Girl is like the rockest song in the whole album and of course concert

Here’s an old classic, Lady Panther.

The quick outfit change was so awesome, plus the panther outfits makes you feel more of the song. Oh and they’re playing with those tails which makes the performance cuter. I just hope they made Momo a more revealing outfit XD

Here’s a backstage document of the girls

That’s the same outfit Momo wore on the Hybridpunch tour last year.

So up to this moment those are the only performance uploaded on YT. I’ll update more in the coming days! Watch out! and be sure to buy Buono!’s 2010 Live Tour ~We are Buono!~


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