Versus: Original vs. Revival

Last year, after the mass graduation of the Elder Club. Tsunku decided to revive some of the old Hello! Project group. These are Tanpopo, Mini Moni, V-u-den, ZYX, and Petitmoni. After two concerts. I had a conflict in my mind, which group is better the original or the revival.

Here’s the original vs the revival of the groups.

Now let’s start things of with V-u-den. Original line-up is Rika, Erika, and Yui. The revival group was changed to Zoku V-u-den. This group like the original one are only 3. Risako, Sayu, and Junjun.

here’s the original Koisuru Angel Hearts

and here’s Zoku V-u-den’s version

Next is ZYX. This is one of the first groups wherein members from the original Hello! Project Kids joined having Morning Musume’s Yaguchi Mari as their mentor. The original ZYX line-up was Mari, Erika, Saki, Momo, and Megumi. The ZYX-a’s line-up is composed of Risa, Momo, Chinami, Maasa, Ayaka, and Saki. At the Hello Champloo concert Erika and Koharu are part of the group. Erika and Momo are the only original members of the original Zyx.

Here’s the original version of Iku Zyx Fly High


and here’s ZYX-A‘s version with Koharu and Erika

and without them

Next is Pucchimoni/Petitmoni

The original Petitmoni line-up consists of Ichii Sayaka, Yasuda Kei, and Goto Maki. The group  however had two more line up changes. Yoshizawa Hitomi replaced Sakaya Ichii in the second generation while Ogawa Makoto and Kimura Ayaka replaced Maki and Kei as the 3rd generation.

Petitmoni V consists of Mano Erina and C-ute’s Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai.

Here’s the original version of Chokotto Love by the 1st gen line-up of Petitmoni

And here’s the revival version by Petitmoni V

Next is Tanpopo.

Tanpopo is one of the highest selling H!P sub-group in it’s 10 year history. Original line up is composed of Kaori, Aya, and Mari. The line up as well had two line up changes. As Ishiguro Aya left H!P, they added Ishikawa Rika and Kago Ai in the line up making it a 4nin group. Rika, Kaori, and Yaguchi had to left the group to be placed in another sub group but was immediately replaced by Risa, Konno, and Shibata Ayumi.

Tanpopo# named after the 井 kanji that is similar to each members names are composed of Okai, Kamei, Kumai, and Aika.

Here’s the 2nd generation of Tanpopo performing Otome Pasta ni Kandou and Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru

and here’s Tanpopo# performing Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru

Last but not the least is Mini Moni

The original Mini Moni line-up is composed of Yaguchi Mari, Mika Todd, Kago Ai, and Tsuji Nozomi. After Mari left the group, new comer Takahashi Ai joined the group in 2003.

Shin Mini Moni meaning NEW Mini Moni is composed of Linlin, Kanon, Karin, and Akari. Much like the original concept of the old Mini Moni. The group’s height are all under 155cm except for leader Linlin.

Here’s the original 5 members of Mini Moni performing their #1 single Jankenpyon live

Now here’s the revival Shin Mini Moni performing the same song live

Now that you’ve seen the different versions. You be the judge. Which is better the original or the revival.

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