Kara and T-ara’s MV for World Cup Song Released!

Yes! Finally after long wait (and teasers). Kara and T-ara’s MV for their respective World Cup Song has finally been released!

We’re With You

I love the MV as much as I love the song. This is something we haven’t seen from them for a while now. The MV is awesome. Goo Hara took this over for me especially in that part going towards the chorus “Shake it Shake it Baby”. Cheerleading Outfits really match these girls as much as the dark concept does.

We Are the One

T-ara as well is going back to their old cute concept aren’t they. It’s as cute as Kara though I feel this one is much more fun since it doesn’t focus solely on the girls but also the players and the fans. Though they’re supporting their home country Korea; the MV shows people waving other countries flags and having other countries face paints on them. I think that shows the camaraderie of each countries especially in the World Cup.

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