Berryz Owns this week’s Weekly TOP 10! 3/22-3/28


earning 71% of the votes this week. Berryz Kobo’s “Otakebi Boy Wao!” holds on to the top spot in our weekly Top 10 this week edging out KPOP idols SNSD and KARA. Another Berryz songs that gets to be in this week’s top 10 is “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda” which garnered 4% of your votes making Berryz Kobo earning at least 75% of the votes this week!

Here’s the complete top 10 results (I didn’t bother to post the other vids since Berryz won 3/4 of your votes)

Otakebi Boy Wao – 71%

Run Devil Run – 3%

Miracle Happy Love Song – 3%

I’m a loner – 2%

Tomdachi wa Tomodachi Nanda – 2%

Toki wo Tomete – 1%

Our Songs – 1%

Shock – C-ute – 1%

Shock – BEAST – 1%

Oh! – 1%

SHOCKED at the results? Well lets see next week if Berryz Kobo will hold on to the top Spot on JKMUSICPH Weekly top 10!


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