S/mileage is A/wesome!!

I’ve been too bust with my KPOP fandom that I almost forgot my H!P fandom.

Now here It goes…

(from left to right; Ogawa Saki, Maeda Yuuka, Wada Ayaka, Fukuda Kanon)


I mean since the Graduation of the Whole Elder Club last year. H!P and UFA pretty much did everything wrong. Graduations, Solo Single, Bad PV, Poor Sales, go name some more. Well within those times of despair, they did at least something right and that’s to regroup the once cute group Shugo Chara Egg and forming the ultra super mega and CUTER group now known as S/mileage (no offense to SCE but I really think those 4 aren’t that cute, well except for Nanami-chan she’s cute ).

Well you don’t know S/mileage. Here’s the chance for you to know them

They were announce at Tsunku’s blog on April 4, 2009 (which reminds me… their one year is only weeks away) and released their first single “aMa no jaku” on June 7, 2009.

At first I doubted the groups success since at that time I loss hope with H!P. But after a few more views and listening to the song. I was convinced. S/mileage can do better. So I thought, maybe S/mileage would be the next H!P group

Then “Asu wa Deeto na no ni Ima sugu Koe ga kikitai”. Yes it has a long title which pissed me off at first.

But after I heard and watched the song (which coincidentally is after my Physics test which I’m bad at) everything changed. From the once doubtful group to my new favorite. I said then to myself, this could be the next Melon Kinenbi!

But then… Suki-Chan was released

This song failed. No not the song but the sales. I absolutely love the song, it has that rockish yet cute feel to it. But the song had poor sales. Why? UFA had a bad marketing strategy. Oh you don’t know what I mean? Well simple. The song was released at November 23, 2009 and the PV was released around January. I mean why release the single before the PV, that’s totally wrong. You wanna know how this chart? it ranked #159 and had a total sales of 399.

But then S/mileage bounce back

This time they did the opposite thing, releasing the PV first then the single! I don’t know how the song charted yet. I don’t expect something high like the top 10 of the Oricon but at least making it in the Top 20 or 30 of the Oricon chart is fair enough since they’re still an indie group.

What made me love S/mileage so much? Well mainly it’s because of Kanon and Dawa

Kidding Kidding

Well they are that group with everyone having awesome voices(Saki and Kanon). I tell you give this group a little bit more time and experience and you’ll see what I mean. If this is your first time of hearing S/mileage, well give these girls a chance you’ll see they’re awesome.

7 Responses

  1. I agree… S/mileage is really a/wesome.. ^_^

  2. No. Just no.

  3. S/mileage FTW

  4. Why wasn’t Akari Saho added to S/mileage?
    She’s still with Shugo Chara Egg.

  5. s/mileage i love uu ^

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